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Philosophy Paper- Comprehending and Expressing Abstract Theories
Philosophy Paper- Comprehending and Expressing Abstract Theories
How to Write a Philosophy Paper

Philosophy paper largely refers to ideas and notions of intellectuals or thinkers who give us their views on life and death and almost various other things related to human beings and associated actions and behaviour. These generally deal with dialogues and counter dialogues that someone writing a philosophy paper will have to translate into simpler terms and present before his readers. So the first criteria will be to choose a good topic and identify the main argument or thesis point in it. This thesis point will from the main issue, on the writer will have to frame all his arguments and counter arguments. The essay should be written logically and organised well so that the reader has no problems in understanding it. Most philosophical ideas are extremely abstract in nature and one has first understand the theories well and write them in a simpler manner so that even a layman has little problems in understanding such complex ideas. However one thing has to be kept in mind. The writer should have a clear case to argue in the paper and each argument must be backed with strong and reliable evidences. This is the main essence of writing a philosophy paper. It should have an arguable case and there should be evidences to back the case.

Like any other paper this will also have an introduction, a body and a conclusion. A philosophy paper should look like this:


Sextus Empiricus, a Greek philosopher in late 2nd or early 3rd century AD, is famous as the person who is the propagator of Pyrrhonian school of skepticism. This school of philosophy, though founded by Aenesidemus, is expanded and documented by Sextus in his historic work “Outlines of Pyrrhonism”……………..


Sextus, with the help of old doctrines of Aenesidemus, produced a set of skeptical argument forms, or modes, to refute dogmatic claims regarding the natures of things. There are ten modes. Here the first mode will be discussed in detail. As Sexton puts it “According to this mode, the same objects do not produce the same impression in different animals” (page 45; part 1). So the first mode is supposed to show how one cannot rely even on observations to draw any conclusions. Observations can merely give a subjective evaluation of how the observer feels about it but not an objective evaluation of the object under observation. The subjective evaluation is based on certain pre-conceived notions or beliefs and therefore cannot be the basis for any opinion. Sextus cites the example of manure – which is repulsive to human beings but attractive to dogs and………………….


In today’s context, when we revisit this philosophy and the ten modes, it seems more like a philosophy developed to counteract the other two popular schools (Dogmatic and Academics). It has its importance as a concept that has forced us to think differently and challenge accepted norms. It, however, lacks the………….

A philosophy paper means understanding abstract, complex and difficult theories and comprehending the underlying meanings behind them. It means having to present such theories in a simple manner so that the reader can understand everything easily. Often writers may understand the theories well but find it extremely difficult to express them coherently to the reader. If you are faced with such difficulties while working on your philosophy paper them place an order at

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