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Research Proposal – Be prepared
Research Proposal – Be prepared
No other school projects give the chills down the spine than creating your first research proposal. This is not an ordinary essay to write about. You need to have the right skills and knowledge in order to convert your writing skills into something that also seeks new information. So what are the basic parts of an article considered to be a research proposal?

A research proposal needs to have a topic interest. This subject domain is where your thesis statement will come from. A thesis statement is sometimes called the problem statement because it will give you the initial ways to construct a problem of your own, which in turn will be solvable through researching. If you want to have a topic for argument, then you can write argumentative topics. Or is a cause and effect writing is your forte, you can also construct a research paper out of such subject.

The Introduction is the first part of a research proposal. This is where you will present your general goal of researching. This is followed by Literature Review chapter. It is a part that summarizes another person’s work for significance. If you want to know how to write this, you can utilize a literature review sample. Next in line is the Methodology part. You need to present how you were able to gather the data and analyze them for your results.

The second block of the research proposal will include the Data, Analysis, Results and then the Conclusion. The Data, Analysis and Results are considered to be in one segment while the conclusion will provide the answer to your initial problem at the thesis statement.

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