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Research Proposal Format – Give It All Attention It Deserves
Research Proposal Format – Give It All Attention It Deserves
Research Proposal Format – Get It the Correct Way

Research paper writing begins with the submission of a paper known as the research proposal. In the research proposal the writer presents information related to the chosen topic as well as the reasons why more research is required on that particular topic. Only after this proposal would be accepted, the student can start working on his research paper. So knowing the correct research proposal format , framed in strong words to convince the reader about the necessity of further work on the topic, is extremely important for the writer to get his proposal accepted. A research paper format consists of preliminary research paper title, introduction of the aims and objectives of the research work and a list of the sources that would help the student while conducting his research work. A thorough research work is to be conducted to gather as much information as possible and to find out how much research work has been done previously on the chosen theme. For this one needs to know how to write a literature review. This is important as it will help the student to highlight the gap between the existing research work on that field and the need for further investigation on that area of study. Given below is a sketch of a research proposal format:

1. Title page – A complete research paper title page with a preliminary title that will reveal the topic at a glance.

2. Introduction – This paragraph will have to establish the necessity of conducting further research into the chosen topic and discuss the importance of the topic. This para is important as here the student will try to convince the readers to accept the proposal.

3. The body –The body should contain all necessary details related to the topic. The body of the proposal must necessarily have a research paper methodology which would describe in detail as to how one is planning to work on the research paper. The body part should also explain in convincing notes as to why more research work is needed to be conducted in this field and how much difference it would bring about on that topic.

4. Conclusion – The proposal should end with a brief summary of the important points, and the problem statement is to be reinstated.

5. References – All direct quotes based on the pattern of the prescribed essay format (APA/MLA/Chicago/Harvard) should be correctly cited to avoid charges for plagiarism. A proposal should also contain a list of reading materials which would help the student when conducting the actual research work.

A research proposal format is one piece of essay writing that is not so easy to frame especially if all depends on whether it gets the nod or not. It involves a lot of research work along with a great deal of concentration. You can check out our essay writing examples to get an idea of how things look like. However, if you find writing a research proposal too difficult or if you have no time to write a proposal, then you can always place an order at Essay-911.com and get an excellent proposal ready in no time

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