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"Queen Mab" by Shelley
"Queen Mab" by Shelley
Shelley participated in national-liberation struggle in Ireland, so he knew needs of grass-roots that served as a powerful push for all its further activity. Shelley's first big poetic product, poem "Queen Mab", was written under direct impression of the Irish events."Queen Mab" reflected Shelley's political, philosophical and aesthetic views.

The democratic criticism of a bourgeois society which was typical for Shelley's political essays (pamphlets, letters), found continuation in angry lyrical monologues of the poem. Dream of the light future, free from tyranny and despotism, passionate desire to change a society to the best in interests of grass-roots made the kernel of the poem "Queen Mab". Shelley caught many extremely important lines of the epoch in which he lived. It was the age of an inequality and severe violence over humans when poverty doomed workers to slavish and sad work.The picture of the world's general purchase and sale was drawn by Shelley convincingly and truthfully.

Author did not limit himself criticizing only the past and present times in the poem "Queen Mab". The poem finished with an iridescent picture of the future society. Shelley was deeply convinced that time of a general brotherhood will come; the centuries-old history of human sufferings will come to the end with it. The earth will exult, shine with happiness; everywhere a cheerful holiday of revival. Prisons, wars, a distemper and lie will disappear. The person will change.

At the same time the future is uncertain in this poem. It appears in fantastic outlines, in the form of symbols and allegories. It was quite usual for public thought at the beginning of XIX century. For deeper consideration of this topic you may resort to paper writing services. The team of professional paper writers is devoted to offering help with written assignments by providing the qualitative custom essays and original term papers.