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King Lear Essays
King Lear Essays
It is quite a dilemma for many students to write essays. This is even more problematic if it will involve reading another book material. Usually, we experience such dilemma when the teacher will require us to read a novel. Afterward he will have the class write an essay about the same piece of work. One very good example is the instruction to write King Lear essays. If you are one of the unlucky students who need to write this type of essay, then let us talk about it. We will discuss some techniques in writing King Lear essays.

King Lear is a play by William Shakespeare, the same author who wrote the ever famous Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth. King Lear was published in the 1600s and is considered as one of the best plays Shakespeare has ever written. Of course, the ideal thing is for you to read the play. You cannot write an essay about King Lear without reading it. Therefore, you should first secure a copy and read it up to the end.

So how do we write King Lear Essay? There are certain approaches of writing that is appropriate to the play King Lear. One of it is a narrative essay. Narrative essays only have one goal, to tell a story. In this case, you can re-tell the story content of King Lear. This is probably one of the easiest ways to write a King Lear essay. It is because you just need to summarize the entire play and tell the story and events in your own words.

Writing a descriptive essay is also possible for King Lear essay writing task. Since many people consider the dark tone setting of King Lear, you can learn describing this tone and put it into your essay discussion. You can talk about the nature of human suffering, which is very prominent in the play. Describe how the characters in the story played their parts and influenced the overall tone of the setting.

Writing King Lear essays is also possible by enumerating the characters of the play. Of course, this is not only about enumerating but also analyzing the influences of each persona to the story. Thus, the next type of essay that you can write is a character analysis essay. You can write about the characters of the people involved in the story. You can start with King Lear of Britain then his daughters Goneril, Regan and Cordelia, Duke of Albany or Oswald.

One more article task for King Lear essays is expository writing. You can write about the hidden message in the play. This is a more demanding task of writing because you need to be very creative in order to squeeze out the main point of the story. You should think like Shakespeare, identify the real meaning of King Lear, and relate it to our present day society if possible.

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