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Twilight Essay
Twilight Essay
A Twilight essay is an article that based on the novel by Stephenie Meyer of the same title. It rose into fame because of good story telling and a wide audience appeal. Usually, books of this popularity are worthy to write for a school essay. In schools, many students are eager to write a Twilight essay because they simply can relate to the storyline and the characters involved in the book. If you want to write on this novel, then we will give you some suggestions on what approaches that you can take for writing.

First, let us discuss the main parts of an essay. This way, you can stay away from the technical troubles that may arise if you are not familiar with the essay parts. The initial paragraph of an essay is the introduction. This is your main presenter of the topic that you wish to tackle. It will contain the topic background and the thesis statement. The next few paragraphs are the body paragraphs. They discuss the main topic of interest. It is where all the discussions happen. A body paragraph is modifiable based on the goal of the writer. You can even have the sub-topic in bullet form. Moreover, you can insert images within the paragraphs if you think it is necessary. The last paragraph of an essay is the conclusion. This is the final summary of the discussion. The conclusion resolves or confirms whatever you said in the thesis statement.

So what are the different writing approaches for a Twilight essay?
You can write a narrative essay about Twilight. This is probably one of the easiest types of essays. You simply need to retell the story and talk about something about it that made you like the novel.
You can write a critical analysis essay out of the Twilight novel. In most cases, we can discover new knowledge and info within a seemingly simple presentation of events. Even if Twilight contains a fictional story, you can still analyze something beneath the storyline.
You can write an argumentative essay about the novel. Some critics said that Twilight has negative impact to some groups of students. You can try to evaluate what these impacts are and argue for or against these notions.
Lastly, you can write a persuasive article about Twilight. If you are so engrossed reading the novel, then probably you want other people to share the happiness with you. In such a case, you can write a persuasive essay that could entice people to read Twilight. Provide some good points about the novel that will truly attract new readers.

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