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How to Write Literature Review – The Tricks that Do
How to Write Literature Review – The Tricks that Do
Essay writing usually involves at least three parts-introduction, body and the conclusion. However, if you are planning on writing an essay that will also involve researching, then you must write the chapters that are also usually found among dissertations. Today, let us tackle one of these chapters. Let me give you some tips how to write literature review segments.

How to write literature review chapters is dependent on the type of essay topics available. Actually, it is a part wherein your main intention is to reference another work and summarize it to make your topic more significant. The more people writing about a subject, then the more interesting it gets and probably the more its value increases.

But what are the main things to consider in writing a literature review? First of all, always remember that it is just a summary of an external work. Therefore, your main goal is to first read the research paper that you want to use. Next, take time to list down the important findings that the researcher has produced. You will include these details when you write your very own summary. For example if you are going to write a Romeo and Juliet essay with a little bit of researching, you might want to list down the characters, the implication of the novel to the general readers and the type of critical analysis that is present for the novel. Lastly, write your literature review in a form of a story. It is like telling your readers that another person’s work has provided more details that will lead to better reliability of your article. Of course, just like any other compositions, it is important that you proofread your literature review before integrating it to your paper.

How to write literature review articles is easy. You can always find resources online when you need assistance. Or you may use literature review samples* which you can find in the Samples area of this blog site.

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