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Literature Review Sample – For Dissertation Students
Literature Review Sample – For Dissertation Students
Literature Review Sample

Literature review is a chapter in dissertation writing and is an important part of any thesis paper. It is the chapter where the writer has to critically analyse all the important material he has studied for his research work and present it to the reader, so that the latter knows as to why these are so important. While studying and exploring the given topic for doing the dissertation, the writer will have to read many books, journals and search through various websites, and collect important, relevant information. Out of these the writer will have to zero in on the really important ones and make a list of them.These references, which will be cited in the main essay, will have to be given in the literature review section. Each of the references will have to analysed separately and presented to the reader. Since this is a slightly complicated section it is best that before writing, the writer reads a literature review sample thoroughly.

A literature review is thus a survey and analysis of the the material studied for the thesis paper. It will provide an overview of what information has been collected for the paper. A literature review is generally arranged thematically, or according to the chronological order. This section is also written in an essay format and starts with an introduction, the body with the list of material reviewed, and a conclusion. The main purpose of a literature review is not to summarize, but to evaluate previous and current research works, and to establish their importance in relation to the theme selected for dissertation. Literature reviews are secondary sources, so they should not contain any new results experimented and deduced by the writer himself. It just gives a comprehensive account of all the previous research works done by various other authors on the selected theme. For writing a good literature review a writer need not read every material available. However whatever material he reads, it should be well understood and applied well in the essay. So from all these discussions one thing is very clear, a literature review, as the name suggests, is not a review, essay writing or a summary of an old classic or a well-known novel. A literature review would consist of reading and analyzing almost anything that has been published officially, like dissertations, scholarly articles and even government pamphlets dealing with various issues pertinent to the writer’s topic.

A literature review sample is something which all dissertation writers should have at hand. It is essential to understand the style of writing a literature review and the objectives of this section. So going through various essay samples that are related to writing literature reviews will help a student to understand the difference between a literature review and a book report. writing a literature review varies according to the thesis type and also depends on the professor or guide’s specific instructions. If you feel that writing a literature review is out of bounds for you, all you need to do is to ask for expert help at

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