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Night Essay – Writing on the Novel by Elie Weasel
Night Essay – Writing on the Novel by Elie Weasel
Night Essay- Tips on Writing This Essay

Night essay refers to writing on the novel ‘Night,’ written by Elie Weasel on his experiences as a Jew teenager in the German concentration camps at Auschwitz and Bichenwald, during the Holocaust. The essay may be written in many forms. It may be a critical analysis on the novel, or it may be a narrative essay written simply describing the sequence of events. It may also be an opinion essay asking for your viewpoints on certain important interpretations as given by the author.

A night essay for term paper writing will follow the 5 paragraph format. There will be an introduction that will briefly present the topic and the thesis statement. The body will be three paragraphs which will discuss the novel in detail while the conclusion will sum up the entire essay.Given below are excerpts from an essay written on the novel ‘Night’.

Here the topic is ‘Night’- A story of fighting One’s Own Faith in Crisis and Despair, so the essay will be of the analytical type.


In the novel ‘Night’ by Elie Wiesel, the main character is a boy named Eliezer, a Holocaust survivor. Through Eliezer we undertake a journey that is fraught with despair, and crisis in one’s own faith. In fact, this was the first book, as Donadio points out, which asks, “Where was God at Auschwitz?” (Donadio, The Story of “Night”). This article gives an insight…..


The psychological journey that Eliezer takes us through, exposes all that is inhuman and evil, and makes him lose faith in God, as we find Eliezer exclaim, “I did not deny God’s existence, but I doubted His absolute justice” (Wiesel, p.42). Moshe the beadle, who taught Eliezer ….

Eliezer’s father, Chlomo, is an elderly man completely dependent on his son and forms the centre of Eliezer’s whole existence. Whenever the boy despairs of life and wants….

Eliezer’s faith in God is shaken when he witnesses insensible cruelty around him, both amongst the Nazis, and the prisoners. His faith wavers when he hears a musician name Juliek playing violin in the night and later sees him dead with his instrument smashed…..

…..was not unnatural for the young teenager who was earlier an observant child, to lose faith in God. What is remarkable about the entire story is that Eliezer does not become inhuman like the others; he retains his faith and hope ….

A night essay is of the easy essay genre. One needs to read and understand the novel thoroughly so that he can describe or analyse as per the requirements of the essay question. Write the essay in a simple language. Check that the essay is well organised and written in a coherent manner. The style of writing should be smooth flowing and easy. There are available many essay samples on this topic which you can browse through to get an idea of how to write this essay. To place an order with MasterPapers.com you need to log on to our website and get in touch with the customer services.

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