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Othello Essay – “Of one that lov’d not wisely but too well; “
Othello Essay – “Of one that lov’d not wisely but too well; “
Othello Essay – An Insight Into the World of Shakespeare.

Othello essay writing is one of the more difficult tasks in the field of essay writing. It requires the writer to read the novel thoroughly and not only read the book summary or the critic’s review. It also requires the knowledge of important literary components that is the main plot, the main characters, the theme etc. Besides while writing this essay it also gives an insight into the vast world of Shakespearian novels.

“Othello” or “The Tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Venice” is a very famous tragic novel written by William Shakespeare in 1604. The main characters of this novel are Othello, Desdemona, Cassio, Iago and Bianca. While writing the essay it might be helpful to add that William Shakespeare took ideas for his works from various different sources: old chronicles and folklores, stories and novels by other authors. He also used various historical events rather freely in his plays and other works. For eg. Othello was actually an Italian person named Mauricio Othello and not the character that Shakespeare portrayed in his play. In Cyprus he was the commander of the Venice army from 1505-1508 and his wife died under mysterious circumstances which we see in the the Shakespearian play through Desdemona’s death. Even today in Cyprus there is a castle known as the Othello’s castle and the local people believe that Othello’s nationality was not portrayed correctly in the play.

There are various ways to write an Othello Essay. An analytical essay maybe written discussing and analyzing the central characters in the essay. A critical essay maybe written giving the writer’s views , interpretations and perceptions on the novel. An opinion essay or a narrative essay may also be written. A narrative essay will discuss the novel at length and more or less a summary will have to be presented. An opinion essay will carry the writer’s opinion as to the events and their interpretation, the personalities of the main characters and their attitudes towards each other. under no circumstances what so ever any imaginative idea is to be presented. The essay will have to follow the main idea of the play faithfully and the writer’s job would be to discuss or analyze each central character and understand the relationship that they had with each other. All the cross and undercurrents and the flow of strong emotions like love, jealousy, anger, suspicion and hatred can be discussed and each character to be analyzed under these searchlights.

The very complexity of the Othello novel make the writing of an Othello essay more demanding and if the writer is not properly aware of the the novel and has not read it completely then the written essay will reflect it and show poorly of the writer. So first before taking up the pen one should read the novel thoroughly and understand each character well and then only set about writing the essay.

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