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The case is about a problem of miscommunication which has arisen in Omega airlines. Leigh Randell is the supervisor of in-flight services at the Atlanta base of Omega airlines. She notices a lot of duplication of effort between flight attendants & passenger service personnel in the terminal with respect to the paperwork procedures for boarding of passengers. With regard to this, she sent three memos to Tom Ballard, Omegaís passenger services rep requesting specific info on through flights, but never got a reply.
After two months of futile efforts, she writes a memo to her boss, Kent Davis, the VP of in flight services, informing him of the situation & her desire to shift back to flight duty.

Prob Defn

The problem lies in the fact that since the requirements of the passenger services & in-flight services are overlapping, it leads to a large amount of duplication of efforts & long & tiring procedures & as a consequence, unnecessary delay in Omegaís flights from Atlanta. The only two people who can sort this out are Leigh & Tom, who are at loggerheads with each other. This is because of a problem of communication between the two of them. Unless this issue is sorted out, Omega will continue to face problems.

As from Kent Davisí perspective:

Leigh Randell is undoubtedly a bright young lady. Not only was her suggestion of coordinating efforts between in flight services & passenger services a brilliant one, but she also took the initiative to make it happen. But while Leigh decided to contact Tom Ballard directly, as she didnít want to burden me with trivial issues, Tom expected a more formal approach, i.e through me & then his boss, Alan Brock. This is where Leigh committed her first mistake. She should have kept me informed, from the beginning Secondly, she need not have waited for 2 months while Tom ignored her memos, but should have contacted me earlier, as the benefit of Omega is above everything else. Any suggestion to improve work methods at Omega should be given first preference.

Tom paid no heed to Leigh as he felt he was not answerable to her, as she belonged to a different department. He strikes me as a man who is not very open to new ideas. The fact that he repeatedly ignored her portrays him to be a very arrogant man. Also, the fact that he has been in the management line as soon as he was incorporated into the organization has probably led him to believe that heís a notch above Leigh, even though Leigh overall has more experience than him. On being confronted, Tom conveniently pushes all the blame onto Leigh & indicates that her ideas are out of line, when thatís far from the truth. He also speaks of having ideas himself , but makes no further indication towards them.

Despite all this, the most important fact is that Leighís idea was a genuinely good one & I must do all I can to support her. This strategy will not only help the customers, but also our employees & Omega itself. Apart from this, I must convince Leigh to retain her position as supervisor & try my best to smoothen out all the issues b/w Tom & Leigh, as coordin & cooper b/w them is essential for the success of this plan.

The whole problem boils down to Tomís bad attitude & the fact that Leigh tried to cut the communication channel short by contacting him directly.