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It is a fact that men and women differ in so many aspects of their lives and more so how they act. The ways in which they act differs whether they are in their element at home, the workplace, school, or just about anywhere else one can think of. Furthermore, not only do grown men and women differ but as do girls and boys. Gender differences begin at birth and tend to influentially form at a very young age.
These differences begin to flourish typically when young boys and girls first attend school. The article "Girls' and Boys' Popularity" truly highlights the differences in how young boys and young girls act, and how they should stereotypically act in order to be labeled as popular. Popular boys tend to be athletically stimulated, "cool" in the way that they carry themselves, tough, have social skills, and be placed somewhere in the median on their intelligence levels. Boys on extreme ends of the intelligence levels are the ones who suffer in the popularity department. Typically, a popular boy should not be very intelligent nor should he be very unintelligent; popular boys are found right in the median. All of these things are seen as the social stereotype for a boy in school to be popular.
Girls on the other hand have some differing qualities that make them popular. A thing such as family background, how rich you are, is of some importance to be socially popular. Other elements of a girl's popularity includes physical appearance, being precocious, being apart of an exclusive elite group, and being intelligent. Girls tend to care more about the delicate aspects of life and being smart is not frowned upon. Generally, girls and boys differ drastically in what culture has laid out in how girls and boys should act in order to be popular. Even though this generally focuses on how girls and boys need to act in order to be popular, it can also be applied to men and women in many aspects. Furthermore, not only do men and women different in many popularity aspects but they also different in how they converse.
Men and women communicate with themselves and others in many dissimilar ways. On one hand, women are inclined to apologize a lot, do not take criticism well, expect thank-yous, complain, and find humor in making fun of themselves. Men on the other end, do not apologize constantly, are very upfront with criticisms, ritually fight, do not complain and instead find a solution, and crudely joke. It seems to be that men and women differ in so many ways but at the same time tend to feed off each other. Per example, when women complain men do not understand because as opposed to complaining men find a solution to the problem at hand. Alternately, when women complain they simply would like to complain, they would like to share their issues with someone else and just have that person there to listen to them. These communication differences seem to be consistently accurate among most men and women and furthermore tend to carry over into the last place that men are women are critiqued.
Men and women in the workplace have differences as well. In many studies done and shown, women in the workplace are not generally given the same opportunities as men. Gender differences have left many women underemployed and underpaid. Another issue besides gender is that segregation also plays a part in underemployed and unpaid issues in the workplace. Gender and race effect those who get to exercise authority, differences in social networks, and salary issues. Women are seen as not be capable nor given the opportunity to be an authority figure in the workplace. This is seen as an issue that may need some tweaking yet nothing can be changed indefinitely.
Gender differences are everywhere and it is a fact that men and women simply carry themselves in different manners all of the time. Whether it be at work, home, or school gender differences will stand out in different ways. Men and women have different mindsets and natural instincts that provides as a reason as to why each gender acts the way they do. Aside from the fact that gender differences are very prominent, men and women still tend to coincide in how they act and this allows for us to live harmoniously in this world.