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Movie Analysis: The Hours
Movie Analysis: The Hours
Many people believe that we are all connected in one way or another. It is also a belief that we all have a purpose in life. What happens when the lives of three women are connected in an insightful way? In the movie The Hours we take an insight look at the lives of three women who each live in a different time period. Through out the movie we realized that each woman's story is connected with one another in this great circle of life.
At the beginning of the movie we meet Virginia who is about to commit suicides. Although the reason for such action is not determined right away, we figure unravel it as the movie progresses. In the mist of the movie, we discover that Virginia is a writer. Her current novel is about the life, of not only herself, but of Laura and Clarissa.
The three women in this movie are in constant struggle to figure out the meaning of life. Each one of these women goes through an experience that would later determine their roles in life. Virginia, Laura, and Clarissa are strong yet emotionally sensitive women who evaluate every moment in their lives. With this evaluation, they consider suicide as an alternative to escape from their agony.
The women of the Hour try to define their lives within the roles that society has set out for them but without sacrificing their own identity. Through out the movie we discover that these women struggle with their sexuality. We see that Virginia out of dispair passionately kisses her sister. Virginia is suppose to be We see that Laura, who is unhappy in her life, kisses her friend Kitty. We also see that Clarissa is in a lesbian relationship with her partner Sally. Each one of them has to hide their true identity.
Symbolism is seen through out the movie. The common symbols we see are water, roses and the cake; as a symbolism of the pain and suffering the three women are going through. At the beginning of the movie we see Virginia running to the lake about to commit suicide. The water symbolizes the pain and suffering Virginia is going through. Typically, the water of the lake is clean and clear, which could mean peace and happiness. But in this particular scene, the water is dirty and uneasy which could only tell the viewer that her life is unstable and about to end. Later in the movie, we see Laura at a hotel about to commit suicide because she is unhappy with her "normal" life. Laura, who is pregnant with her second child, is married and has a son named Richard. Even thought her life in the 50's seam to be happy, she is unhappy with her life. Laura decides to go to a hotel a kill her self. When she lies in bed, an enormous wave of dirty water starts covering her entire body. As soon as she realizes that her life is about to end, she gets up and starts cry. She realizes that she cannot go through with it.