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Had seen on TV "Twilight" the movie trailer when the screen said that a few million copies sold, I am very curious what this is like a book? Why so popular? In the state of mind full of curiosity, I went to the bookstore to buy it.
Opened its cover, the first to see the directory, followed by the preface, only to see the first chapter again: "first meeting", the words are as I would like to say that this book - the first meeting. This book is the story and detailed description of the degree, and I expected a completely different, originally saw the trailers, only that, but the vampire and human love is life and death, you can also do sales break, not just scare you?However, after reading, really opened my eyes, though they speak of the love between a vampire and human, but unlike most often seen at first sight, or the motionless man was killed in the complex, but slowly by the author brings us to the story, and we can savor the content, and memorable one by one; and this book is the first person to write from Bella's point of view, we see her shy just joined the school, and dialogue of various characters of mind, these elements, What I believe, is very delicate of heart to finish the book, rather than essays wave, even if a cursory's.
In this book, my favorite part was the scene of baseball with the Cullens, the book description says: "At this time I did not fight against those who Fengyun see the ball, wiping the rod-like voice was loud thunder , echoed in the valley. ... like a meteor-like ball across the pitch and into the surrounding forest. "See here, little hearts throbbing a little, loud noise like thunder, see the fast ball, like a meteor across! Ah describe how shocking! However, immediately comes a three uninvited "guests", in which three people inside, James is a dangerous "hunters." From the appearance of uninvited guests, the story began to compact, tight, although Bella finally rescued, but the left hand around the tooth terrible scars; Although Bella by no small injury, but in the end and Edward took part in the the school dance, elegant, slow dancing, so that the whole story in a romantic dance in the beginning as the next affectionate.
After reading this book in mind also that you want to re-opened the book and could not stop the desire to see Mel lady that "Rowling the second" in the title is not casually talk about the kind words only, in the thought of it at the same time, I began to recall the book's story, when I was Edward, and his own cherished human Bella, things will happen then? Their loved one is how the fragile, like glass, like dolls, touched on the broken, although the true, the body may not be so, but spiritually it? Often, the words from the mouth to say, would severely draw the heart from a hole in someone, but knowing that hurt people but humiliating apology, if I can cherish their friends, family, cherished Bella as Edward enough. Maybe I was too young, too naive, and often things go wrong for a self-serving to get angry, losing his temper, playing patience, regardless of the feelings of family members, but will not care about their emotions.I'm anxious to adolescent growing up, asking people to respect me, but I ignore the others are independent entities, will bear the test of different ages, why I can be so selfish and overbearing? Think of Edward's performance, he really is the more reason to stop his bad temper, more emotional way to face my family. Love should be tolerant, caring, and not overbearing like me so much ignorance ah!