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Feminism Essay
Feminism Essay
Advocating Women’s Rights Through A Feminism Essay

A feminism essay should advocate women’s rights through feminism. Many women across the globe have educated themselves about equal rights. In protected societies where women have lesser privileges, education has enabled them to realize that the situation could change if they raise their voices against age-old customs meant to suppress women. It begins with cultural movements that try to educate other women and men of equal rights. In many cases, women have felt the need to use political pressure as well as economic status to spread understanding. In ancient times, might was right. Men were physically superior to women in terms of strength. The tendency to dominate over the female sex was established in society. In time, a social order that disallowed women from expressing themselves publicly or at home was established. The trend has changed and is evident by the number of women in power.

Feminism took a long time to emerge. Whenever women felt the need to come out of their shell, they made it evident they were ready to do so. At the end of the nineteenth century, the first trend emerged. In fact, Jane Austin built up the character of Mrs. Elton as a feminist who tries her best to be liberal minded. The novel was written in 1815 and demonstrated that women at the time were ready to talk about equal rights. Through a feminism essay, a writer can elaborate on the statement Mrs. Elton makes, “I always stand up for women.” She supports the stand that something should be done to stop husbands from reading letters addressed to their wives. It may not seem much of an issue, but it was and is a general practice that one does not read letters addressed to other people, irrespective of gender. In an Emma essay, students can elaborate on how Jane Austin builds on the character.

One of the most important rights women feel very strongly about is the right to abortion. In recent times, the number of cases registered against brutality, rape, and domestic violence has increased. Women have strongly felt the need to echo the sentiments of the many women who still live in repressive societies. The slow movement which started to bring about cultural reform has taken the shape of law. Women have refused to accept pregnancies arriving out of rape or without their consent. The institution of marriage has undergone many legal changes. An abortion essay would establish that women have more rights now regarding abortion. The law has finally decided to legalize abortion in many countries.

Another area where feminism has come to the fore is the workplace. Feminist activists have been campaigning for women’s rights in the workplace for a long time now. There are areas where companies still consider women unfit. Though not very vocal about it, they tend to repress women in terms of wages and promotion. A niggling problem is the necessity of granting women extended leave during pregnancy. Again, women have been active in reversing the trend. The feminism essay can bring to the fore the many cases that show women excel not just at the workplace but also under difficult circumstances.

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