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Global Warming
Global Warming
Global warming is not a new phenomenon and it is an issue of major concern more so because it posses many challenges to various nations worldwide. Simply described, global warming is the average increase of the earth’s temperature at a defined rate and this result in changes in the climatic conditions. The major changes include changes in humans and plant, rainfall patterns and the increased seal level just to mention.

The main cause of global warming has been linked to the “Greenhouse effect” and this refers to the radiation of heat which the earth absorbs from the sun back into the space. It is the greenhouse’s gas available in the atmosphere that traps back the heat. There have been a lot of debates going on which concern global warming and various issues have been raised by environmentalists, industrialists, economists and scientists since 1989 when the global warming was first experienced (Schneider, p. 285 – 286).

In addition, the global warming over the last century has been on the rise at 1o F and this is considered to be the earth’s average temperature. The warming effect in the earth is getting worse day by day and the major anticipation is that it could also result into drastic effects if nothing is done about it. The main gases which are behind the cause of global warming include carbon dioxide which comes from fossils burnt by human beings, tropospheric ozone, nitrous oxide, methane and CFCs and these gases are responsible for the resultant warming experienced in greenhouses. The ever-growing industrialization as well as human population has been linked to the continual increase in the amount of these gases hence producing about 80% of the earth’s amount in carbon dioxide (Silverstein et al, 5 – 8).

Global warming has also been caused by the increased human activities and climatic changes. Such activities include felling trees and burning of fossil fuels in order to generate energy leads to the emission of carbon dioxide gas. This gas will then affect greenhouse leading to a decline in the ozone layer and on the other hand increasing the level of acidity in the ocean waters hence creating a major risk to the lives of animals, human and plants (Mathiesen, 125 – 128).

Technology is also a cause of global warming. The advancement in technology has led to population increase and industrialization. Oil and gas fuels are produced from industrialized processes and they are utilized by man and therefore increase the level of carbon dioxide on the earth. The modern technology also proves to be destructive to the available resources of the earth.

There are various effects that occur as a result of global warming. According to Houghton (2004), global warming has endangered people lives as well as plants and animals through natural disasters. For instance, hurricanes that occurred in Florida left thousands of people homeless hence posing a number of threats to those who live along the coastal shores (p. 122 – 124).

Infrastructures such as roads, bridges and railways are also affected as a result of global warming since they most of the times undergo the changes in temperature and this damages then hence increasing the cost of maintenance and this places a major burden to a nation’s economy. In addition, malformation is evident on the roads, foundations sinks and runaways.

Global warming also affects people’s health. For instance people with cardiovascular problems are mostly affected by increases in temperature and many have been known to have died because of heatstroke as well as exhaustion problems. In other words global warming poses the threat of increasing mortality rates worldwide.

In conclusion, global warming which is also commonly referred to as “Green Effect” is a major issue of concern and more needs to be done in order to curtail the drastic effects that is causing on human population as well as animals. The world will no longer be a better place if at all the current rates of increased levels of temperatures are allowed to go on since everything is bound to be put into jeopardy.

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