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Online Advertisement: Factors to Really Capture itís Market
Online Advertisement: Factors to Really Capture itís Market
Generally, amidst all online advertisings, there are only few ads that encourage and influence the costumersí ability to recall the product and buy the product. Rather than posting an ďintrusiveĒ kind of advertisement, this research aims to search the secret behind an online advertisements success to effectively produce an online ad. This research will explore a number of online advertisements as well as the factors of an effective online advertisement.

With millions of online and offline businesses today, and millions of internet users around the world, companies found a cheaper and more convenient way of advertising their products, and that is through the internet, tapping different kinds of market all over the world.

Due to that fact, there are lots of types of online advertisements that existed today. Unlike Radio and television, online advertisement use different kinds of tricks like pop-ups, plain text messages, email newsletters, posting to forums and even spamming just to advertise the products. And with thousands of tricks in online advertisements, what type of online advertisement that is easy for consumers to recall?

Recall means, to remember. The study would research the factors that affected consumersí ability to recall the online advertisement, where, when your online ad is easy to remember, YOUR PRODUCT is also easy to remember. If it is easy for consumers to remember, then the company has captured a market.

In making an advertisement, or in advertising, it is important to capture or captivate your market. HOW? This where our study starts. HOW. So in this study, we AIM to know the factors that make an online ad easy to remember. It can be text, color, animation, pop-up, length of the ad and sound.

In this research, when we identified the factors, we can now analyze what has to be considered in making an online commercial. We can then give specific advantages on making an online advertisement and avoid some unrelated factors in making an online advertisement.

According to Jerry Jao Ph. D. et.al (no date), the most popular format of online advertisement is affected by its low cost in design and posting and these are Static and dynamic online ads.

Today, these online advertisements becomes interactive which, when clicked will lead directly to the companies website where, in some cases, more attractive offers are presented.

Most of all, online advertisements are not really effective if not posted on the right places. You cannot post a baby product advertisement into a motorcycle racing website and vice versa. So to conclude, static and dynamic banners or online advertisements should be posted to websites that caters your market. Baby products for baby websites, fashion products in teen and party websites and helmets and gears in motorcycle racing websites.

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