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The American Dream Essay
The American Dream Essay
Tips to Writing Dream Essays

Dream essays that are given as assignments are mostly related to the theme of American Dreams. These are generally literary essays, that speak of American capitalism, and the hardships that the immigrant laborers had to undergo when they came to realize their American Dream. To write a good essay on this topic one will have to read relevant books. There are many well known novels written on this theme, as for example, ‘Jungle’ by Sinclair, ‘Great Gatsby’ by Scott Fitzgerald, to name a few. Generally the teacher assigns the novel to be read and worked on. The student will just have to read and answer the assigned question.

Dream essays may be a critical analysis of the assigned novel. It may be a comparative essay on two novels having the similar theme. However, whatever the essay type is, one will have to write on the American capitalism of the early twentieth century and how they exploited the immigrant laborers.

As for example one can paint a picture of the conditions of these poor working class people:

During the early 20th century there was a large influx of immigrants especially from the east European countries who were lured by the great American Dream which claimed to make them rich though hard work. They came in hordes and worked in factories with low wages referred to as “cheap Labor”. Their working conditions were extremely bad and often dangerous. Being illegal they could not complain and were thus forced to work under these conditions, without proper homes to stay in. Their illegal status was also completely misused by factory owners who made them do work which all Americans refused to do and also paid them poorly….

One can also describe the situation of America during those times:

America during the 1920s was a picture of extreme wealth, decadence and lavish spendings, owing to the great economic boom. During this time prohibitory laws on alcohol also gave rise to many bootleggers and criminals, creating lawlessness to a great extent……

One may also carry out an analysis of the book and portray the message sent out by the author:

The book remains as a historical and social record that showcases the hapless conditions of the working class during those times and also portrays the American capitalism psychology of that era. Never before had a book created such a storm and though it did not yield the results the author had hoped for, nevertheless it bought about a revolutionary change in the world of the meat packaging industry. One has to read this book to appreciate the changes that have taken place because of it…..

There are many ways of writing an essay on American Dreams. However one has to read the assigned novel very well to understand, and later portray the underlying meaning. These are very common assignments and there are available many sample essays. Read them to get a stronger grip on your essay writing. If you still feel you need help, then come to us at MasterPapers.com and get an excellent custom essay written in no time.

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