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Open the Eyes of the World with Your World Hunger Essay
Open the Eyes of the World with Your World Hunger Essay
32% of people in Africa and undernourished. 8 children die across the world of starvation every minute of the day! The Eastern Sahel region of West Africa is home to more than 10 million people who face extreme hunger due to drought and poor harvests. This was a warning given by the United Nations World Food Programme. More than half of the world’s hungry live in Africa. The majority of the rest live in third world countries such as India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. When assigned to write a world hunger essay, as your middle school essay topic or high school essay topic, you have many issues which are worth discussing to ensure a well informed essay.
Wasting Food While Others go Hungry

Many in developed countries splurge on food and other items. Often these items go straight to the garbage disposal. How many among you have thrown away good food simply because it did not taste good, or because you were just not that hungry? The food you throw will feed at least two or three children in Africa. The next time you buy food or about to throw away good food, consider this.
Hunger Through the Eyes of a Child

Your world hunger essay can not only educate others on what they can do about it but can also be written from the perspective of a hungry child. If written the right way, you will be able to write a heart wrenching narrative essay on living conditions, lack of proper nutrition, sicknesses due to malnutrition etc. This will be a good education for you as well as others.
World Hunger and Increase in Population

Is the cause of world hunger due to the increase in population? This is a good controversial topic which will have more than one opinion. Thomas Malthus, a philosopher stated more than 200 years ago that the world’s population will increase faster than the food supply which will result in mass starvation. The population of the world has increased by 70% during the last 30 years proving this saying to be true. World hunger essays written in this manner can enumerate on the many ways this problem can be solved.
Poverty and World Hunger

If examined closely you will find that the most number of countries that suffer from hunger are third world countries. Therefore, it can be safely surmised that poverty is one of the causes of world hunger. It can be said that it is the main cause of hunger. Many lack the proper funds to buy food for their families. In Africa all that is needed to feed a person for a day is $1. You can discuss the steps taken to eradicated world hunger by programs such as United Nations World Food Program and its effectiveness etc.

Writing world hunger essays are more challenging than that of writing an essay on a reflective essay topic or a narrative essay topic. You need thorough knowledge of the subject area which should be backed by statistics and data. Therefore, close attention to detail should be paid when writing essays of this type. This post originally appeared on http://essayblog.org/essay/essay-writers