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The Importance of Each Paragraph in the 3 Paragraph Essay
The Importance of Each Paragraph in the 3 Paragraph Essay
The 3 paragraph essay is one of the simplest types of essays. This type of essay writing is taught to students from middle school onwards. With the writing of this essay, students will be able to handle the more complex and common essay writing requirement – the five paragraph essay. You may consider this a minor stepping stone into writing the more advanced essay and not pay much attention to it. This is a grave mistake as it is the basic foundation which teaches you to perfect the five paragraph essay format. Therefore, having a sound knowledge of this essay is essential.
Basic Structure of the Essay

Your essay has only three sections. This is not difficult to understand. You will have the first paragraph which is called the introduction which will introduce the essay along with the thesis statement. The thesis statement is the section which will inform the readers on the purpose of the entire essay. The second paragraph will build on the thesis statement with proof from respected sources. The third section which is the conclusion will indicate to the readers the essay’s end.
Importance of the Introduction

The 3 paragraph essay introduction is as important as and other essay introduction. This is the section where you can attract the reader’s attention with a witty comment, anecdote or a question. Make the most of the introduction. However, your introduction should not have more words than the body of the essay. If your essay is a 500 word essay, allocate approximately 150 words or less for the introduction. Come up with a good thesis statement and you are ready to proceed to the body of the essay. If you are writing a legal essay using this structure, explain the reason why you have selected the topic and provide the reason.
Importance of the Body Paragraph

This is where you will build on the essay. The majority of words will be utilized in the body paragraph. As mentioned above, the body paragraphs are what add credibility to your essay. You achieve this by researching and finding evidence which will back your argument. As with any other aspect of providing evidence, you have to ensure that the evidence comes from respected and reputed sources. If you are writing an MLA style essay for 3 paragraph essays be aware that the citations should be done as per MLA style.
Importance of the Conclusion

The conclusion will signify the end of the essay. You will do so by summarizing the contents of the essay and emphasizing on the main points mentioned in the body. A good conclusion will leave the readers with the impression that all information necessary for the topic has been stated. You can end with a call for action depending on the topic discussed.

Whether writing five or 3 paragraph essays, you must ensure that all requirements set for the essay are adhered. These include word counts, grammar, and spelling and punctuation errors among others. This can be done through the use of an essay checker. This post originally appeared on http://essayblog.org/essay/essay-writers