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What to Write in Your Frankenstein Essay?
What to Write in Your Frankenstein Essay?
Writing a Frankenstein Essay Is Not a Scary Task

Students are often required to write an essay on the famous novel The Modern Prometheus, by Mary Shelley. This essay is commonly know as Frankenstein essay based on the main characters of Victor Frankenstein the scientist and the monster creature he creates who is also commonly known as Frankenstein. This novel with its complicated plot has Gothic and Romanticism influence. It had much influence on the popular culture and laid a sound foundation for a new genre of science fiction stories skewed towards horror and murder. This type of essay is usually given in high school and college as an English Essay topic or a literature topic.

 Coursework Requirements
In your coursework, you would be asked to examine a specific theme or compare it with other stories written in this era. You may also need to produce a book review essay for the novel. What ever the task is, you need to have a sound knowledge of the story in order to write a good essay. You must also acclimatize yourself of the various critiques of the novel by others.

 Reading Your Material
It is recommended that when reading the novel, read critically. Pay attention to not only the way it is written but also the action of a work. Passages which you think are important should be highlighted and underlined, so that it will be easy for you when writing your essay to use these as quotations and paraphrases.

 What theme and topic?
Deciding on what you will write on is important. There are diverse angles to take in this type of an essay. You can write about the scientist who created Frankenstein, or you can write about the monster itself. Whichever you decide, you should examine the undercurrents in the story, such as moral qualms, the turmoil and tragedy in the story. On a completely different theme, you can talk about what promoted a young girl as Mary Shelly to create such a novel containing a horrendous plot and gory inclination to murder and horror.

 Text Based Evidence
When you write your criticism, remember that you cannot simply present your ideas and opinions about the novel. This is not a usual opinion essay. You must explain and back up your opinions by citing evidence form the text you are reviewing.

 Essay Format
Using correct essay format is important. If you have used a quotation to explain a certain theme, remember to give the chapter and page number from the source from where the sentence was taken. If you refer to other authorís work on the same novel, then they must be cited properly as per essay reference

Writing a Frankenstein essay is not an easy project as it involves reading and comprehending work of literature but if your minds put in to it, it can be less of a scary task.This post originally appeared on http://essayblog.org/essay/essay-writers