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Careful Selection of Your GED Essay Topics Will Reflect Your Intellect
Careful Selection of Your GED Essay Topics Will Reflect Your Intellect
Choosing GED Essay Topics of Controversial Nature Can Add to Reader’s Interest

GED tests are meant for students who do not have a high school diploma. There are five major subjects which a student will be evaluated on. To pass the GED test students must score more than 40% of the high school going students. Students have to study and take tests which are the same level as high school skills. In order to write an essay for your GED test it is important for you to come up with some good GED essay topics.

• Brainstorm your topic options
Selection requires preparation. Before the actual selection of your essay topic, sit down and close your eyes and think what you would want to talk on. Once that is out of your way and you have come up with a few topics, decide on which one makes the most sense to you. Do you want to research on this topic? Whatever your argument, will you be able to prove it? Will it be written as an informative essay or will a critical analysis essay be better suited?

• Choosing a good topic
Do not choose complicated topics or too common topics. In order to impress the examiners and readers, most students try and choose topics which are too advanced. The less you have to research on your topic the better. Make sure you understand your topic and show how you will solve a certain problem. This will make it clear to the reader that you have a genuine interest on the subject and do understand what you are talking about.

You can offer your personal view on the subject, but make sure that you write clearly and simply and have enough proof, evidence and arguments to support your opinions.

• Topic samples
Coming up with a controversial essay topic is always a good idea. There are many to choose from. Below are some topics to consider;

1. Legalizing Abortion
2. Social relationships of AIDS patients
3. is there too much red tape in Adoption procedures
4. Global Warming can an individual make a difference?
5. Death Penalty- should it be abolished?

• Essay tips
An essay tip to note is that the topic you will select will have to make an impact on the reader and it should make an impact on society in general. It has to be important and realistic as well as interesting.

Whichever topic you choose, present your work clearly and concisely, so that the reader will understand it. Be consistent and present your arguments in a logical manner. You can refer to good essay format guidelines to make sure that your essay is formatted properly.

Writing GED essays shows the personal development of the person taking the test. Therefore, pay careful attention to what you choose as your GED essay topic, since it will be a reflection of your intellect.This post originally appeared on http://essayblog.org/essay/essay-writers