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Essay Length: So Many Answers to One Simple Question
Essay Length: So Many Answers to One Simple Question
Essay length… Is it actually such an important aspect of essay writing? Does not the content of an essay play a much more important role? Or the absence of mistakes? Or the proper organization? Sure, all these are significant requirements that one has to meet to get a good grade. However, essay length is the same requirement as any other, and it can also affect the way your paper will be evaluated.

It is a sure bet that you have one major question about essay length. What should it be? How long should an essay be? Probably, you have already found several free full-length essays and noticed that they all have different essay length. What is the trick? You continued surfing the Web trying to find the answer, and these are possible results you could have ended up with:

* Answer 1: a standard essay length is 500-1000 words.
* Answer 2: an essay should be minimum three pages long, but five are better.
* Answer 3: an essay should be five paragraphs long.

Well, on the one hand, these are rather correct answers to the question about essay length. However, there is one universal answer that you should take as an axiom – essay length should meet teacher’s requirements or an essay should be as long as it is stated in the instructions to completing your paper. Essay length is especially important when it comes to writing examination essays or application papers, and you should always study the guidelines for writing carefully so that to know the required essay length.This post originally appeared on http://essayblog.org/essay/essay-writers