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Photosynthesis Courseworks: Free Step-by-Step Writing Guide
Photosynthesis Courseworks: Free Step-by-Step Writing Guide
Why are you panicking because of your photosynthesis coursework? Believe us, it is not the most complicated project in your academic life. Counting bubbles of oxygen or moving a lamp closer/further from a plant, making records and drawing diagrams this is what writing a photosynthesis coursework is all about. Do you really think it is something you cannot cope with?

No, we suppose you are just looking for some excuses for not writing your photosynthesis coursework. However, we also think that you may be punished somehow for not completing this photosynthesis coursework. Therefore, better check our simple step-by-step writing guide.

Photosynthesis courseworks: step 1

Write an introduction. You may explain what photosynthesis is, when it happens, include the chemical equation of photosynthesis, etc. Here, you should also explain some basic terms like chlorophylls, chloroplasts, and others.

Photosynthesis courseworks: step 2

After the introduction is finished, make predictions. In a few words, it is your hypothesis as to the results of your experimentation.

Photosynthesis courseworks: step 3

Now, you have to do some preliminary work or make an experiment, and describe it in your photosynthesis coursework. You will get some results of this experiment and need to organize them into a table or graph, no matter how accurate these results are.

Photosynthesis courseworks: step 4

Describe your methods and apparatus. Clearly present your input, output, and control variables.

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