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A College Persuasive Essay: the Weapon of Words
A College Persuasive Essay: the Weapon of Words
A college persuasive essay is a very important assignment, one of the most important papers in your life. You know, the rate of importance can be different: there are academically important papers, papers that are important for educational bureaucracy and papers that are important to you and no one else. College persuasive essays belong to this category of papers.

The point is that working on a college persuasive essay you learn how to organize your speech, how to make it logical and convincing. Master the art of writing successful college persuasive essays and you will “rule” over almost every situation.

College persuasive essay topics

So, how should you start your work? With choosing a college persuasive essay topic, of course. The first thing to remember is that your topic should be controversial. It should be hot and catchy. But be sure to skip everlasting controversies. Thus, do not write an abortion essay or an essay on gun control or devote your college persuasive essay to the topic of same-sex marriages (unless assigned, naturally).

College persuasive essay writing

The next step of college persuasive essay writing is research. Be sure to check the opinions of both sides of the discussion. Sometimes people inherit their views from parents, friends, people they respect. Are you sure you can defend your opinion? Is it what you truly believe in? Maybe you never truly questioned it?

There are several ways to persuade your audience. The first way is to quote prominent persons. The second one is to provide explicit scientific or statistical data to prove and support your opinion. The third way was developed by Socrates: sometimes it is enough to show the groundlessness of your opponent’s arguments.This post originally appeared on http://essayblog.org/essay/essay-writers