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Essays on Addiction: Trying to Understand the Causes
Essays on Addiction: Trying to Understand the Causes
Many people associate addition with substance use only (alcohol or drugs). These days, it would be a bit incorrect to limit such notion as addiction to alcohol or drug use, which is why writing essays on alcoholism is not the best idea. With progress and technological advancements, humanity faces a big number of other forms of addiction: Internet, video games, shopping, food, and other types of addiction.

Sure, your essay on addiction can be focused on one of those types. Probably, some kind of addiction like video games is your personal problem, and you want to cope with it by means of writing this essay on addiction.

Yet, we suppose the main purpose of those who need to prepare essays on addiction should be to investigate the causes of this phenomenon. After all, the nature and mechanism of addiction, no matter whether it is addiction to some substance or technology, should be similar.

If you like this idea, the following plan for writing essays on addiction will be useful.

Essays on addiction: where to start off

It seems to be logical to start your paper with a definition. Find several definitions of addiction and analyze them.

Essays on addiction: how to develop

Now, get down to the body paragraphs of your essay on addiction, where you have to investigate the causes of different types of dependence. What we mean is that you should find and present in your paper various models or theories that explain addiction.
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