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Scholarly Essays: Introducing New Knowledge
Scholarly Essays: Introducing New Knowledge
In a few words, scholarly essays can be defined as those that are written by scholars people who have solid knowledge in various fields. Basically, you will face this type of essays in college, and it is better to get ready for writing scholarly essays right now.

In school, you also have to deal with a great amount of essays. You develop a writing style, some secrets of how to prepare effective essays. Sorry to disappoint you, but in college or university most of them will not work and will not help to write scholarly essays.

Thus, let us introduce you some important facts to keep in mind about scholarly essays.

Scholarly essays are not meant to impress

In school, you usually write essays to impress your teacher, mostly with some creative and unusual techniques. You can forget about those techniques when writing scholarly essays, because there is only one way to impress the reader new knowledge, some sort of investigation, amazing discoveries, etc.

Scholarly essays are based on credible sources

Operating with your background knowledge, some observations, and a couple of facts found online are quite enough to prepare a school essay.

Scholarly essays require substantial research and analysis of various sources. Mind that you can use only credible, scholar materials: primary sources (The New York Times, The Nation), Web resources like JSTOR or URLs that end with .edu.

Scholarly essays are not arranged according to some standard patterns

At school, you are taught to create five-paragraph essays. Many students just do not know that essays can be structured in some other way.
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