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ROTC Essays: How to Make It Stand out
ROTC Essays: How to Make It Stand out
So, you say you want to get a ROTC scholarship and you have been getting ready for it for quite a long time. You:

* are trying to stay fit;
* can do 50 sit-ups and 15 pull-ups;
* drank a bottle of beer only once in your life, got intoxicated, and never tried alcohol again;
* have never experimented with any kind of drugs;
* have high grades in school.

If it is really so, your chances to get the scholarship are really high. Then, we have one last question. What do you know about writing ROTC essays? Do you know how to make your ROTC essay stand out and impress the admission officers?

Like in any other application process, the writing part plays a crucial role, and you should be ready to produce the best ROTC essay.

Here are some winning strategies for writing ROTC essays.

Answer a question

Asking questions in application essays is a common practice, and you will have to answer one of those typical questions when writing your ROTC essay. It will be something like “Why do you want to become a Naval/Air Forces, etc. officer?” or “How your knowledge and experiences can contribute to the Naval Service?” Yes, questions are typical, but your answer should be extraordinary.

Show who you are

Hundreds of other fit guys who do not have problems with alcohol and drugs will be writing ROTC essays to get the scholarship. How are you planning to single out? We are all different, and you need to show your individuality when writing the ROTC essay.
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