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Support Essays: How to Prove Your Assertions
Support Essays: How to Prove Your Assertions
First, we have to say that the task you are going to deal with is called a thesis/support essay. Anyway, its gist and the main rules you will have to learn do not change because of this fact. And we are glad to present you the main principles of writing support essays.

The gist of writing support essays

When writing a support essay, your major task boils down to conveying the central idea of your paper in a clear and precise fashion. In other words, you will have the main point, which you should expand and support.

This way of writing essays is perfect for preparing short reports, position essays, and so on.
Topics for support essays

Sometimes, a teacher will assign to cover a particular topic. Other times, you will be able to choose your own subject for a support essay.

The main thing you should keep in mind is that a topic is only an “area for investigation”. It is a kind of starting point, and you will have to narrow the subject up to a manageable topic for your support essay.

Thesis statements

A thesis statement is the key element in support essays. It is your assertion about the chosen topic, something that you believe is true. Your thesis should be organized in such a way so that you could add and explain something about it.

Supporting your thesis statement
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