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Essays on Fairy Tales: Coming Back to the “Magic Land”
Essays on Fairy Tales: Coming Back to the “Magic Land”
You are grown up and do not read fairy tales any more. However, even adults at some point of their lives have a feeling that a miracle can happen. This is what fairy tales from our childhood taught us.

Maybe, an assignment to write an essay on fairy tales seems a bit weird to you at the moment. What should you write about? Retell your favorite fairy tale?

Well, not exactly so, although your favorite story can be a basis for your essay on fairy tales. However, fairy tales provide a great variety of things to talk about. You just need to come up with something specific.

We can help you with it and offer some ideas to highlight in essays on fairy tales.

Comparing fairy tales

It seems that people will never stop creating fairy tales. By the way, what do you think about modern fairy tales like Harry Potter and others? Your essay on fairy tales can be based on one of them or you may compare it to any old good fairy tale.

Can fairy tales teach people something bad?

Is not it an interesting question to answer in essays on fairy tales? You may include the following points:

* fairy tales have happy endings, which rarely happens in real life;
* fairy tales describe many nice people, while real life has so many rude ones;
* fairy tales do not explain that to achieve something in this life, one has to work hard. In fairy tales, usually a miracle happens and somebody becomes rich, famous, and happy.

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