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Biography Book Reports: Free Instructions and Ideas
Biography Book Reports: Free Instructions and Ideas
So, the reason why you are here is a biography book report that you have to complete and hand in soon. Most probably, you have two major problems with your assignment:

1. You do not know what to focus on in your biography book report (usually, students are free to choose the character of their biography book reports);
2. You have some doubts as for the overall organization and biography book report forms.

If you have looked through free biography book reports and have not found necessary answers, we are glad to help you. Let us start with biography book report ideas.

The thing is that there are so many outstanding people to write about and this puzzles you seriously. What you should do is narrow the focus at least to the following categories of people:

* Politicians (John F. Kennedy, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, etc.)
* Musicians (John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Kurt Cobain, Lady Gaga, etc.)
* Scientists (Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, Thomas Addison, etc.)

How to organize your biography book report

To make a really effective biography book report, include the following sections:

* Tell where and when the person you are talking about was born. Do not give too many details about his/her childhood years, family, especially if that does not relate to things he/she used to do later.
* Say a few words about the early life of your character. What kind of person was your character? Did he/she know what to do in the future?
* Now, you can pass to the findings and contributions of your character. Explain in your biography book report in what ways your character changed the world, why his/her findings were important, etc.
* Finally, explain why this particular person inspires you and why you have picked him/her as the main character of your biography book report. Why and what should everyone else know about this person?
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