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3 Great Ideas for Camp Essays
3 Great Ideas for Camp Essays
What do you think is the most important aspect of writing camp essays? Definitely, it is the main idea that you are going to develop in your camp essay.

Actually, there are a lot of issues you can discuss. Your choice depends on your imagination, background knowledge, interests, etc.

If you are experiencing problems, we can help you a bit. After considering a number of issues, we are glad to offer you three ideas for camp essays.

1st idea for camp essays: “Indian Camp” essay

“Indian Camp” is a well-known short story of Ernest Hemingway. You can base your camp essay on this story. It is the story of a boy, Nick Adams, and his life experiences, his personal growth, and way to adult life.

So, read the story, define its main themes, develop your own opinion on them, and write your “Indian Camp” essay.

2nd idea for camp essays: Nazi concentration camps

Nazi concentration camps were one of the most awful phenomena during the World War II. They can also be a subject for discussion in your camp essay. Tell about the most notorious camps like Auschwitz or Dachau, their prisoners, ways of life, etc. Here, you can get more tips for writing essays on Auschwitz.

3rd idea for camp essays

If you want to demonstrate your knowledge of history and culture of other countries, use this particular suggestion for your camp essay. Have you heard about ARTEK – one of the most famous Soviet Union camps for children? In fact, it was not just a kind of summer entertainment for kids. ARTEK played a significant ideological role, and you can learn more about it when writing your camp essay.This post originally appeared on http://essayblog.org/essay/essay-writers