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Describing Paragraphs
Describing Paragraphs
We are all used to the fact that a text consists of three important parts –Introduction, Main Body, and Conclusion. But not everybody goes further and sees that these three parts, in their turn, consist of smaller but even more important parts – the paragraphs.

And when the grade is unsatisfactory, students wonder where they went wrong if everything was fine with following the Intro-Main Body-Conclusion chain. Well, very often the mistake is in a paragraph. This is why we decided to describe paragraphs to help you escape at least some mistakes.

Short Paragraph Describing.

1. We should start the process of paragraph describing from the most important thing – the main idea. The most common mistake made by practically all the students is giving more than just one main idea per paragraph. This is a definite no-no. If we dive deeply into describing paragraphs, their main function is to back up a thesis statement. And there should be one argument per paragraph, because after the argument you have to give explanations, and more than one statement per paragraph will smudge the main idea.
2. You will be surprised, but if we started describing a paragraph, we should say that its structure is very similar to that one of the entire text. It means that a paragraph also has Intro, Main Body, and Conclusion, only in smaller sizes. It starts with an introduction sentence that opens the sub-topic of a paragraph. After this, you give an argument and explanation and finish the paragraph with a transition sentence that will lead the reader into another paragraph.
3. Finally, here is a question that bothers almost all the students when it comes to paragraph describing, and that is the size. There are no strict limits. It is obvious that a small essay cannot have one long paragraph. Word counting here is unacceptable. The length of a paragraph depends on how much space you need to finish your thought.
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