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Writing A+ Essays on Modernism
Writing A+ Essays on Modernism
The term “modernism” relates to the radical shift in esthetic and cultural sensibilities in art and culture of post-WWI period. So, writing essays on modernism means analyzing the changes that took place in art and literature of that period. In this article, we offer helpful tips for writing modernism essays.

First, we would like to present you the basic features of modernism necessary for writing good essays on modernism.

* The primacy of the unconscious;
* The image of an author in the text/work of art;
* Anti-commercial orientation;
* Vague style;
* Non-traditional status of language.

You may choose one of three possible ways of writing modernism essays:

1. Choose a certain representative of modernism and analyze his/her contribution into the development of literature/art. Particularly, in such essays on modernism, you have to analyze the works of the chosen modernist. After you analyze the works in modernism essays, you will have to tell what innovations this modernist made.
2. Choose a certain work of literature/art and analyze it from different perspectives. For example, if you decide to analyze one of Thomas Elliot’s poems, tell what changes took place in:
* Versification type;
* Expressive means;
* Metrics;
* Stress rhythm, etc.

In modernism essays, you might have to compare the chosen poem with a poem related to some other movement, for example, realism.