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Prada perfume advertisement
Prada perfume advertisement
Every business is necessary for being advertised to make acquaint consumers with products by this way. Thus, large companies spend a lot of money for marketing strategies, and it doesn't depend on its industry or field of work.

We will analyze the advertisement represented by Prada. Here we see few young women, who have in their hands a bottle of perfume:

-4 young women(seems up to 30 years old)

-bright colors for the photo with slight bronze shades

-All women have the same hair and dress style, the same earrings

-Every women has a bottle of perfume in her hands

-And they seem to try to catch and enjoy the scent of each other

-Almost all of their eyes are closed, probably thus demonstrating a pleasure

-The black bottle of perfume plays a contrast with bright colors of the whole picture

While analyzing the details of a picture it is possible to draw some conclusion about the perfume, even not having tried it. Obviously the author wants to say not only about pleasant scent of the perfume, but also stresses on its individuality. All four women smell each other even though all they have this perfume in their hands...probably thus here is shown a unique scent on particular women's skin. So that the perfumes have the same scent, after applying it to a skin, the odor takes individual and unique character. And it might be useful to know women psychology be different from others women (it is a tragedy for a woman to have the same dress as someone else has). These four women appeal men's attention also, that is why it might be considered that boyfriends and husbands will present such gifts to their ladies.

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