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Persuasive Speech Material

There is half a million tons of hazardous waste per year in the US. The military is the largest producer of it. Fourteen thousand four hundred military sites are now officially recognized as toxin contaminated, making the U. S. military the country’s leading “Earth Abuser”. The military now directly manages about twenty-five million acres of public land and “borrows” around eight million more from agencies such as the U. S. Forest Service – which allows one hundred and sixty-three military training activities in fifty-seven national forests, involving three million acres. Which raises the question: How respectfully does the military treat the land they manage? Not too carefully at all.


All of this toxic contamination of the grounds will have a tremendous impact on such vital surviving factors as water, air, and the atmosphere. People are not noticing this to the extreme extent right now, but in only eighty years, the earth’s resources and atmosphere will be so contaminated that only the most primitive and resistant organisms such as bacteria, will have enough power to survive without a weak state of health. We can already see such incipient signs today: the ozone layer has holes that extent over such huge continents as Australia, cancer is becoming a predominant sickness in society, allergies are reoccurring more and more often and showing up in new quantities and new forms. Society has to finally understand how little they can expect to gain from the earth’s resources in only a few decades, and how nature is going to react to all the contamination brought by human kind.


In my opinion the solution to this problem is first of all in understanding what each one of us contributes to pollution in general. “Think globally and act locally”; maybe the best way to get started. Then we should consider the major environmental distresses that the U. S. is facing each one of us with. The biggest factor here being the toxic waste of the military. Voting and acting for the preservation of such natural forests and waters as the Rocky Mountains and water reservoirs, will keep the military actions out of such important ecological regions.


Natural preservatories will stay intact, and our natural resources will stay untouched for maybe another hundred years. Keeping nature in a good state can only benefit our environment and our own personal health.


Support and maybe even fund natural preservatories. Speak up against military abuse of natural lands. And start thinking about how you yourself act and behave in nature. Start with yourself and then make others understand.


- Interest of audience:

We are the generation that is already feeling the impacts of environmental pollution

- Knowledge of audience:

They are conscious about the problem but not about to the exact extent that makes it so significant for them to know.

- Position:

Their position might be: what does not hurt me now will not hurt me in the future; therefore I don’t have to care. It’ll be the purpose of my speech to persuade them to do otherwise.
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