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Essay on Intimidation
Intimidation is not an appropriate teaching method. Rosemary Parker, the author of the essay that we read in class, doesn’t think being mean and embarrassing is an effective way to teach. She thinks when people are intimidated they have more trouble learning. She says “in any other scenario, it is not tolerated.” Only in coaching, is intimidation an acceptable method of teaching to most people. I agree that intimidation is not an appropriate teaching method with children. Children are too young to be motivated by intimidation. Intimidation would only make a child react in a negative way. Why would we want our children go threw more than we would want to go threw ourselves? Intimidation is not appropriate in the work environment. Bosses aren’t aloud to scream and imbarress there employees. There are rules and regulations that protect workers from bosses who intimidate.

She supports her claims by explaining that other coaches are worst than her daughters. “There is a coach at a neighborhood school who takes it right down to a foot stamping, bleacher-kicking tirade. And the boys get it worse than the girls. A band instructor preparing for competition screams threats of what will happen unless more precision is achieved, using words that shock even those kids whose language is an adolescent shade of blue.” She talks about other more serious situations and how not even they use intimidation. “Not even the armed forces buys the old stress routine anymore, and drill instructors have been told to cool it a bit.”

She says that the “coach is cruel and intimidating. His behavior is very abusive.” She explains that it is everywhere in coaching and we allow it. “The coach can yell at the little kids but not at the grown up referee.” She explains a lot about how everybody thinks it is ok and it is appropriate. Then she says, “Isn’t it the mother’s job to protect their children.

Her paper is a success in reaching her goals. When I become a father I will look differently at the coaches of my children. Because of this essay, I have become aware of how cruel the coaches can be. She convinced me that intimidation is not an appropriate teaching method with children. The behavior is too abusive for children, but most people accept it. I don’t understand screaming and cursing would be accepted with our children, if we wouldn’t accept it ourselves. I agree with her totally.
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