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Jade Peony Wealth
When people talk about wealth they usually mean materialistic things such as money, however there is another type of 'wealth', emotional wealth. This is the wealth that people give to each other. Some examples can be spending time with people, lending a hand to someone you do not know, providing kindness, and being a friend to someone when no one else will. If a person gives wealth to another individual it is likely that this act of kindness will never be forgotten, the connection leaves an impact on the person you gave the wealth to. This creates a special bonding between people, and it shows that there is a relationship of understanding. This is because the individual who gives the wealth understands the needs of the person who is receiving the emotional wealth. It also shows that person receiving the emotional wealth is not too proud or stubborn to accept this present of understanding. The wealth that people give each other is very important because it helps an adult, or a child learn about life. It reminds us that we all have unique strengths and weaknesses, and how important it is to use our strengths to help or to give to individuals who are in need of emotional support. The opposite of emotional wealth is emotional selfishness or lack of understanding. This happens when people do not understand each other and therefore they may help another to believe that they are worthless and that they can not achieve their goals. This person is only damaging and not providing emotional support that the individual needs. Wong Suk provided a wealth that some members of Jook-Liang's family could not provide.

Most people need some people who they can tell their hearts to and express their feelings. These people usually your parents, grandparents or friends, help provide emotional wealth. However some members of a family and some friends can not provide this type of wealth, in some cases they may even do the opposite. In Chinese culture around the time 'The Jade Peony' takes place, females especially, young females, were not treated with the respect that males were. To quote Poh-Poh in the Jade Peony, "A girl-child is mo-yung - useless". As a result her family does not treat Jook Liang with the respect that she deserved. Because she is a girl, she is labeled as less useful than the boys. This means that her opinions are not as valued as the opinions of some of the brothers of the household. She is considered as the weaker member of the family. As Jook Leung...
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