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Essay on Origin Of Man
A Logical Explanation

I find the statement made by the scientist who claimed that the pyramids were built back in 10,500 B.C. very difficult to believe. He claimed that they were built that long ago, but he and others believe that the first civilization didnt come about until around 3,500 B.C. I have researched and found a continuous chronological order of events which is much more believable than A 7,000 Year Gap in time. Since everything in the Bible has been proven true archeologically and chronologically, I chose it as my source. The Bible states that God told Moses, who wrote the early history of the world, about everything that took place before his time. I am going to write my opinion up until the time of Moses.

By taking the facts and records found in the Bible and doing a little math, God made the first human, Adam, in the year 3900 B.C. This was the beginning of civilization. Adam was a fully intelligent human being with the equivalent brain capacity that we have today.

By using the genealogy found in Genesis there came a man named Noah in 2843 B.C. God had seen nothing but wickedness in the world and He was sorry that he had created everything. But Noah and his family found favor in the eyes of the Lord so God told Noah to build an ark large enough for two of every animal. Noah did what God had commanded him and seven days after he entered the ark the rain began. It rained for forty days and nights during which time everything on the face of the earth was destroyed, including any pyramids, if they had been built before this time. Noah was on the ark for a few days over a year from the time he entered the ark until the waters receded and he and his family stepped onto a mountaintop. The ark had landed on top of Mt. Ararat in 2244 B.C. When many of the animals left, they were not suited to the new climate and many of them died, which most likely included the dinosaurs.

According to legends, folklore, and scripture from many religions, there are records of a great flood in places such as the Middle East, India, China, Australia, southern Asia, the islands of the Pacific, Europe and the Americas. Excavations in Mesopotamia have led archaeologists and other scientists to conclude that a flood was so destructive that it made a lasting impression on the population and became a subject for the ancient literature of the period. Also archeologists have found billions fossils in water-deposited sedimentary rock in every elevation, and in almost every part of the world. If there wasnt a world-wide flood this would be an impossible fact...
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