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Weapons Essays: Several Strategies to Make a Killing Essay
Some time ago, people invented the first gun that was heavy and inconvenient to use. Today, we have all kinds of weapons, starting from tiny guns that can be hidden in a purse up to weapons of mass destruction.

Actually, the size of weapons does not really matter. All of them are designed for one major purpose – to kill and destroy lives.

So, weapons are the topic of your essay and it is a general issue to discuss. If you want to prepare a killing weapons essay, you have to think how to narrow down the focus. This is what we can help you with.
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Biography Book Reports: Free Instructions and Ideas
So, the reason why you are here is a biography book report that you have to complete and hand in soon. Most probably, you have two major problems with your assignment:

1. You do not know what to focus on in your biography book report (usually, students are free to choose the character of their biography book reports);
2. You have some doubts as for the overall organization and biography book report forms.
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Essays on Controversial Issues: More Fascinating than You Think!
Are you not that good at writing essays on controversial issues? Do you think that papers on controversial issues are hard to complete? Then let us explain you several things about this assignment because you will face it quite often, and it is more interesting to complete than you think.
A controversial issue essay – what is it all about?
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Essays on Aliens: If You Have Troubles with Your Paper
On the one hand, writing essays on aliens seems to be a really interesting and exciting task. On the other hand, this assignment might cause you some troubles, because you have to talk about something mysterious and inexplicable.
Categoty: Essay samples
Essays on “Why I Want to Go to College”: Check Your Motivations
The new academic year has started, and if you are a high school senior, it is time to think about your college application. By the way, if you are a high school freshman or a sophomore, entering college should be one of your primary concerns as well.

It seems like you have received one of the first written assignments, and it is a “Why I Want to Go to College” essay. You know, it is a perfect opportunity to practice before you will actually have to write your future college application essay.
Categoty: Essay samples
College Essay Requirements: Common Rules for Different Colleges
You have already thought about the content of your college admission essay, created a good story that will impress the admission officers and make them accept you.

Yet, what do you know about the official college essay requirements? Or, do you think there are no rules and you just have to persuade the officers that you are the right person to study in their college?
Categoty: Essay samples
Essays on Loyalty: How to Develop an Effective Paper
Merriam-Webster Dictionary gives the following definition of loyalty: “the quality or state or an instance of being loyal”. Loyal in its turn means “a: faithful in allegiance to one’s lawful sovereign or government b: faithful to a private person to whom fidelity is due c: faithful to a cause, ideal, custom, institution, or product”.
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Essays on Fairy Tales: Coming Back to the “Magic Land”
You are grown up and do not read fairy tales any more. However, even adults at some point of their lives have a feeling that a miracle can happen. This is what fairy tales from our childhood taught us.

Maybe, an assignment to write an essay on fairy tales seems a bit weird to you at the moment. What should you write about? Retell your favorite fairy tale?
Categoty: Essay samples
Essays on Natural Disasters: What to Discuss
In a few words, a natural disaster can be defined as sudden and extreme events caused by some environmental factors that usually lead to all sorts of damages and human injuries.

Although people know how to predict natural disasters and get ready for them, it is always an extraordinary event that people cannot do much about.

So, you want to prepare an extraordinary essay on a natural disaster but have no idea how to do that.
Categoty: Essay samples
Essays on Dogs: Talking about Man’s Best Friends
“Properly trained, a man can be dog’s best friend”
Corey Ford

Did you know that:

* DMX has a dog called Boomer?
* Fred Durst has a bulldog named Bizkit?
* Adolf Hitler had German shepherd called Blondi that was trained to climb ladders and some other tricks?

By the way, “famous dogs” is one of the brilliant topics for your essay about dogs. However, there are certainly many other ways to write papers on dogs, because it is such a wonderful topic!
Categoty: Essay samples
Essays on Abuse: Things You Can Discuss
“Guys, I have to hurry. Write essays on abuse for the next time. Bye!” These were your teacher’s last instructions as to your assignment. Sure, they confused you a bit, and writing an essay on abuse sounds so general and vague.
Categoty: Essay samples
Graduate School Personal Essays: The Best Way to Express Yourself
You have decided that a graduate degree program is absolutely necessary for you. You have already collected all letters of recommendation, have taken Graduate Record Examination. Now, there is one more step left – you need to write a graduate school personal essay.
Categoty: Essay samples
Richard III Essays: Things to Touch Upon
Richard III is a famous historical play by William Shakespeare, which is frequently performed in theaters around the world.

At a glance, this play is not that hard to understand. There is a “bad guy” Richard who kills everybody because of his lust for power. As always, bad deeds never go unnoticed, and a villain is punished at the end.
Categoty: Essay samples
Titles for Essays: How to Make Them Grab the Reader’s Attention
Grabbing the reader’s attention – this is what essay titles are for. No matter how perfect your essay is in terms of content, the reader might never find it out if you have a poor title for an essay.
Categoty: Essay samples
Support Essays: How to Prove Your Assertions
First, we have to say that the task you are going to deal with is called a thesis/support essay. Anyway, its gist and the main rules you will have to learn do not change because of this fact. And we are glad to present you the main principles of writing support essays.
Categoty: Essay samples
Already Written Essays: Can Be Helpful, but Be Careful
These days, in the era of Internet, managing academic problems is not that difficult. If you have no time, idea, or desire to write another paper, you just start surfing the Web that will suggest you various options for preparing your assignment.
Categoty: Essay samples
Gertrude Stein Essays: an American Writer who Lived in Paris
“A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose”, “There is no there there”… These are, probably, the most famous quotes of Gertrude Stein that you have heard.
Categoty: Essay samples
High School English Essays: How to Make Your Grades Higher
Guess what will be your common high school English assignment. You are right if the answer is high school English essays. For many students, high school English essays are rather challenging to prepare.

Yet, you should not worry too much, because you already have some basic essay writing skills. Your major mission now is to improve them and learn more secrets of how to get A’s on your high school English essays.

We are glad to present you some of them right now.
Categoty: Essay samples
ROTC Essays: How to Make It Stand out
So, you say you want to get a ROTC scholarship and you have been getting ready for it for quite a long time. You:

* are trying to stay fit;
* can do 50 sit-ups and 15 pull-ups;
* drank a bottle of beer only once in your life, got intoxicated, and never tried alcohol again;
* have never experimented with any kind of drugs;
* have high grades in school.
Categoty: Essay samples
Scholarly Essays: Introducing New Knowledge
In a few words, scholarly essays can be defined as those that are written by scholars – people who have solid knowledge in various fields. Basically, you will face this type of essays in college, and it is better to get ready for writing scholarly essays right now.
Categoty: Essay samples