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GED Essay
GED Essay
Essential Guidelines For A GED Essay

Students who have not completed high school in USA have to write a GED essay as part of the General Educational Development (GED) test that allows them opportunity to seek higher education in the United States. Though the GED is not a high school diploma, community colleges accept GED certificate holders into their study programs. Successful candidates would have scored higher than 40% of high school graduates. It puts them on par with graduates in terms of capability. The essay would be the most important part of achieving a high-score target. Many students falter at this stage. International students, high school dropouts, and non native candidates may need specific guidelines to complete a successful academic essay. Follow these essential tactics to meet success.
High school dropouts may have opted out on account of reasons beyond their control. It does not mean they lack the capability to succeed at competitive tests after leaving school. Candidates must take this fact into consideration and prepare well for the GED essay. Achieving high scores must be the objective to get into a college of their choice. More than 15 million Americans have successfully completed the GED. This statistic should encourage students to spend enough time on preparation.
The written test consists of two parts; one covers the grammatical aspect of language and how it is used. The other is the essay. Students are allowed 45 minutes to complete the essay, so planning is essential to compete it in time. There is no upper limit for the word count. Candidates should attempt to write a compelling essay rather than focus too much on word count. They should, however, be able to complete a 350 – 400 words essay in approximately 30 minutes. The remaining time could be utilized for proof reading and editing.
Indulge in brainstorming and plan out several sessions with different topics. Skills to be demonstrated include structuring the main ideas, disbursing them across the essay, and elaborating on each idea to present a clear point-of-view on the topic. Candidates would find that the process gets easier as they complete several exercises on different topics.
Assigned GED essay topics are based on relevant social events that most students would have faced in their lives or seen happen around them. It is essential that they have a viewpoint on the topic based on what they feel or from personal experience. The essay does not have to provide reference or reflect the truth. It must, however, be a cohesive school essay that includes a student’s viewpoint in clear and concise terms.
Learn to include examples to speed up the process. The essay would include ideas that students would have on the topic. These ideas would connect to an event that a student experienced in real life. It therefore becomes easier to write the essay quickly.
Practice proof reading and editing essays. Initially, students must refer their essays to essay guides and experts to learn from them. ParamountEssays.com is a leader in the field of academic writing. They provide writing and editing services at competitive prices. Students would do well to employ a professional to write a few practice GED essays and learn the process.

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