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Rap in teenagers' life
Rap in teenagers' life
Rap first came into the world with DJ Kool Herc from Jamaica in far 1960s . It was an absolutely new style of music. It was born on the streets of Afro-American districts. We can say that it came from mixing two songs into one and throwing into it such word combinations as: "Throw of your hands in the air" and "Wave'em like ua just don't care!"

The heart of the rap is rhythm and words. This easy beats and words became popular very fast. The main topics that were expressed through this type of music were: how the African-American society lived, its values and main problems. The best rappers were Afro-Americans. As a result, rap had a considerable influence on Afro-American teenagers.

Rap texts do not always have good morality. Mostly, rap music promotes drugs, sex, crime, at some points, even violence directed to white people. Certainly, in addition to an entertaining aspect, rap music provides a considerable degree of informal education for teenagers which goes out far outside the school classrooms and is generated in the environment of get-togethers in the streets.

Rap can be frowned upon or, on the contrary, be glorified, as a musical product, but it cannot be ignored, as a present dominant means of self-expression in the modern Afro-American teenagers' culture. In particular, for young Afro-Americans, rap serves as a wonderful method of opening a person's mind, solidarity, and also emotional support. Nowadays it is not only type of music, rappers also have their special style of clothes, gesticulation and language.

We can say that rap is not just a genre of music, it is a new teenage subculture which can have a huge impact, and not always a positive one. Aiming to learn more about modern music streams from music experts you can employ professional writing services and receive custom papers with scientific research. The work of our leading essayists will definitely exceed your expectations.