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An Essay Cover Sheet: An Important Element in your Paper
An Essay Cover Sheet: An Important Element in your Paper
For a teacher who is trying to decide what grade you should be given everything in your essay plays an important role, even an essay cover sheet. An essay cover sheet will be especially important if it was one of the teacher’s requirements and he/she gave some instructions on how it should be organized. Thus, the teacher can easily take off several points if you fail to meet all the requirements.

However, we should say that actually teachers do not ask to make essay cover sheets too often. Yet, it may be one of the requirements if you need to write a kind of application essay. In other words, an ability to make essay cover sheets can be an important skill.

We presume that right now you are struggling with your essay cover sheet. You want to know how it looks like and how to make one for your own essay. Let us share some recommendations with you.

Recommendation 1

You can start with sample essay cover sheets that you can easily find online. Thus, you will get a general idea of how this page should look like. But, let us warn you that all examples of essay cover sheets may be organized in different ways according to different requirements of schools from which they come. Thus, maybe it is not the most reliable way to get own essay cover sheet done.

Recommendation 2

If you have no specifications from a teacher on how this essay cover sheet should be arranged, you may try a standard procedure. So, your essay cover sheet should be a separate page that will be attached in the front of your paper. In the center of the page, write down the title of your work. On the line below, you write your name, then the name of the course, and date.

Our next articles are devoted to essay layouts and essay websites.

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