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Short Essays: Everything You Wanted to Know
Short Essays: Everything You Wanted to Know
A short essay is a common assignment for secondary and high school students, but college students may also get this task. What is so special about this kind of essays? What should you keep in mind? How to learn writing the best short essays?

If you lack experience in writing short essays, we advise you to start with checking free samples of short essays. Pay attention to the way they are organized, proper short essay format, the number of words, etc.

In this article, we also want to give you several useful hints on how to write short essays.

Hint 1
Short essays can be very short, up to 300 words. This is why you should know for sure what exactly you are going to write about. Choose one topic, think of the main idea. Do not try to cover several ideas in your short essay. You will not meet necessary word limit.

Hint 2
Always divide short essays into paragraphs. No matter how long your essay should be, split the text at least into 2-3 paragraphs. This helps to keep an essay logical and organized.

Hint 3
Never forget about a thesis statement. Each of the short essays will be devoted to a central, unifying theme. You have to introduce it and present your main argument from the very beginning.

Hint 4
If you want to make short essays really strong and impressive, use evidences. We mean not only researching a topic and collecting facts to back up your opinion. Even a quotation or several facts can make your short essay sound.

Hint 5
Finally, we want to say a few words to those who like cheating a little. Do not try to trick your teacher with big fonts, inappropriate margins, or spacing. Better repeat something if you have nothing new to add.