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Essay On Health Is Wealth
Essay On Health Is Wealth
An essay on health is wealth can be a useful exercise in analyzing how a human body reacts to different situations that arise when it is subjected to drastic changes in diet, exercise cycle, and sedentary lifestyles. Essay On Health Is WealthIt is not uncommon for people to pay less attention to such details. A busy life would afford almost very little time to maintain fitness. Health is manís biggest asset that should be treasured. Young folks would think nothing can go wrong in their normal routine. Many maintain improper lifestyles that can ruin health and subdue the tendency to keep fit. Work pressure is a major factor in causing lethargy, which in turn prevents people from maintaining a regular exercise cycle. Fit individuals are healthy and satisfied in whatever situation they may be in.
Tips On Writing The Essay On Health Is Wealth

* Prevention Is The Best Cure. It is easy to get carried away when one gets a good job or takes on a new business. The situation is joyful, but there are some dangers associated with it. There is no time for regular exercise. For example, a young graduate who excelled in the game of soccer may get a very lucrative job that demands he work for at least 10 hours a day. This is where the problem lies. He may be relocating or may not find the time to take part in soccer. A medical & health essay would suggest that a health conscious person should chart out his daily program and compulsorily include some form of exercise to compensate for not playing soccer. It is understood that a career is very important, but a slight change in routine should not cause much trouble. A healthy person needs around 8 hours of sound sleep. That still leaves around 16 hours to work with.
* Simple Exercises Can Prevent Serious Health Problems: A health studies and nursing essay would help students appreciate the importance of simple exercises. A good day would begin with some simple exercise like a few pushups and using a treadmill or cycling device if itís available. Those who dread the thought of muscle-toning exercises can climb stairs in their building. Aerobics, gymnastics, and yoga are good alternatives under supervision. The exercise routine should be regular. It is the most important factor for good health. Many individuals start with something and then get bored. An ideal situation would be to indulge in an activity that affords some form of physical exercise. Go for long walks with known people to prevent boredom. A good workout preparing for a sporting event can provide enough motivation to continue with the routine.
* Exercise The Mind For Good Health: An essay on mental health can elaborate more on this issue, but it has to be understood that the mind has to be at peace for individuals to enjoy a regular, healthy life. Spending an hour daily with increased thinking can make one smarter and more creative. A creative mind will then find simple ways to enhance mental growth like calculating when waiting in queue for a bus or sitting at a restaurant. An essay on health is wealth should offer many other ways of keeping fit.

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