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Satirical Essays
Satirical Essays
Different types of essays aim at different objectives. One of these objectives is to criticize and poke fun of others. It may seem rude but this is a characteristic of satirical essays. What are satirical essays and why teachers allow students to write them? Satirical essays are articles that intend to make fun of a subject and criticize it. It can be a person, place, event or object. Usually, the main topics in satirical essays aim to discuss famous people, politicians, celebrities and events that are rather absurd and ridiculous. Writers of essays that are satirical in nature often use figures of speech such as hyperbole to exaggerate things and irony to contradict ideas. This way, they can deliver their message to the audience much better. How do we write satirical essays?

Step one; select a topic or a subject. You should choose a subject that already seems absurd and ridiculous. This way, it would be much easier for you to exaggerate. Do you notice those absurd cartoons in daily newspapers? The same principle is applicable in writing satirical essays. You just have to convert your thoughts in written form.

Step two; efficiently use hyperbole. This is a method of exaggerating things for writing style purposes. However, be careful when you exaggerate your details in the essay. Some people think that hyperbole application means lying. This is not the case for satirical essays. You are simply making your article more attractive.

Step Three; apply a sense of irony in your thoughts. Irony is a figure of speech that involves contradicting explanation of what you truly mean to say. Why use such style of writing? Irony is best suited for discussions that have two ideas. This way, you can present both sides of the notion in a single approach. Irony is a style in satirical essays that help induce sarcasm.

Step four; try to include humor in your satirical essays. This will further highlight your creativity to discuss rather serious things. With humor, you may easily attract readers and bring out your criticism on a given subject. Satirical essays should not be too serious especially if the subject involves real life situations on society, politics and human behavior.

Satirical essays demand the same parts as with an ordinary essay. It means you have to include the introduction, the main thesis statement, body paragraphs and the conclusion. You should always remember to include all of these parts for proper presentation of ideas to the readers. Of course, you also need to write an outline, cite your reference materials and proofread your paper before submitting it to your teacher.

Now, you know how to write satirical essays. If ever you need any essay examples, you can simply download our free copies online.

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