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IT Essay and Article
IT Essay and Article
The 21st century can truly be considered the era of IT or information technology. All of our lives are now inflicted with innovations and amazements of technology that keeps us alive and well informed with knowledge. With such extensive influence, why not try writing an IT essay for your class project?

Sure you can select any other types of essays like a narrative essay topic or a history research paper topic. But the thing is there might already be a lot of your classmates who will be doing the same thing. To be more unique and to present more information that can entice readers, you need to separate your ideas form the stereotypes and build your own parameter of interest. Therefore, we are suggesting that you write an IT essay. You donít have to be a Bill Gates in order to discuss thing about IT. There are a lot of people who perceive IT as a very technical aspect of technology and that it is intimidating. Actually, it is the machines part of the IT domain that is techno. You can still find some topics to write about in your essay when you want to compose an IT article. Let us give you some ideas to write about.

History of IT-You can write the history of the computers and the internet in your essay. You can even start researching and write about who coined the term IT.

Influence of IT-I this kind of an approach in writing, you can talk about your opinion on how the IT industry has influenced the lives of the present generation.

Costs involved in IT-You may talk about the different marketing and commercial costs of IT products as well as how much it costs for ordinary consumers to acquire the technology.

The Future-IT is sure to stay as long as there are humans on this planet. Why not write an IT essay that presents your predictions how IT will affect our future?

There are still many other subjects in writing an IT essay. Find more references in our Samples page.

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