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Short Essay
Short Essay
Why do some teachers tend to require the students to write a short essay ? What is the main purpose of building an essay with very limited capacity to discuss things? Basically a short essay does not mean that you will be writing a junk article for the sole purpose of meeting the requirement. Writing such a composition will still entail the creation of a thesis statement in the form of an academic essay . Also, the same format will have to be integrated; including the introduction paragraph, the body segment and the finalizing conclusion. But what is the real purpose in writing a short essay ? Learn more about custom essay writing services.

A short essay intends to help the student build their skills at the basic platform level. Because the term “short” implies limited or small in amount, it is also the case when you only need to write a single page essay at the minimum. But you should not be a lazy head when building such an essay for your grade will still depend on how well you discussed your topic. Therefore, a short essay can gradually increase a student’s capacity to write a good story.

Any types of articles can be considered a short essay . If you are going to compose any of the following; sociology essay , political essay or argumentative essay , you can actually write a single page by simply providing your opinions on issues about them. But if you are going to write a specific type of essay like a Crucible essay , then you can extend your short essay writing. This is unavoidable due to the fact that an article with such a topic requires more specific discussions.

Do I need a reference in writing a short essay ? It depends on your topic. If you think that you need to support your discussion in the essay then you may use a cited source material. This will somehow generate a greater sense of credibility within your composition.

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