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GED Essay
GED Essay
A GED Essay Guide for You

GED or General Educational Development test provides an opportunity for people who have not completed their high school to get an equivalent credential. It is normally helpful for high school dropouts to pursue higher education or get credential for employment. GED test is based on five areas to measure your knowledge in reading, writing, mathematics, science and social studies. All parts contain multiple choice questions but the writing test includes an essay of 200 words.

GED essays test your expressive qualities and personal opinion on a topic. The two evaluators search for; well-focused points; organization of the essay; clear explanation of ideas; control of punctuation, grammar, spellings, word choice and the overall structure of your essay. The topic for your essay will be given at the time of examination and you will have maximum of 45 minutes to complete your essay irrespective of the time you take for part one.

GED essay topics are mostly based on your personal experience and views. You will be asked to write an “essay about myself” but based on your views on the topic given. Some types of topics are based on your purpose of getting a GED certificate. And some are based on current events or conditions in society, climate and so on. These are general essays and do not require any technical knowledge. You just have to provide your personal point of view on the topic. Some of the GED essay topics are;
What does it take to be a good parent?
A person you look up to and consider your mentor.
Which has been the greatest experience of your life?
How do you define success?
What do you think is the most serious problem in the world and why?
It is difficult to make changes to one’s life. Give your opinion on the issue.
Follow these guidelines for your GED essays:

1) First thing you need to do is brainstorming. Read the topic and instructions carefully and think of the points you will be including in your GED essay. Think of the points and how you will organize them in your essay. Remember whichever points you finalize should express your view on the topic. Roughly write these points and their organization on the paper.

2) Next, start writing your essay and open with an introductory statement. Preferably answer the question given to you in the first sentence itself. Next write the points you will discuss in the essay to support your answer. Be concise and clear while writing the introductory paragraph, because this should catch the attention of the evaluators.

3) In the body paragraphs you will be discussing your points introduced earlier. Discuss each point one by one in a separate paragraph. While explaining each point you need to provide an example for each. And discuss why it supports your conclusion. Remember to keep a flow or perfect transition between paragraphs while writing the GED essay. You need to include at least three body paragraphs, that is, three main points in your essay.

4) End your essay with a conclusion explaining how the points discussed lead to the answer discussed in the introductory paragraph.

5) After completing your essay proofread it once for grammatical and writing mistakes.

6) Before writing essays in any language such as Urdu Essays, one thing you need to do is practice. Similarly, before appearing for the test, practice as much GED essays as you can. This will help you to adjust the time properly. You can allocate a time of 10-25-10 minutes for thinking, writing and proofreading.

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