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Gatsby Essay for English Literature Classes
Gatsby Essay for English Literature Classes
Gatsby Essay – Guidelines

As a part of the English literature curriculum, great Gatsby essay is a very common assignment. Written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, an American author, in 1925, this novel represents the futility of the so called “American Dreams”. This essay may be written in many forms. In most cases the student will be asked to do a book review. However the assignment may also be for a descriptive essay, a narrative essay, a comparative essay or an opinion essay.

The great Gatsby novel is a story of a young bachelor named Nick Carraway who returns from the World War I to settle down in the city of New York. Here he meets a millionaire by the name, Jay Gatsby. As Nick strikes up a friendship with this mysterious millionaire the story now revolves around many more characters like Daisy, Tom, Myrtle. It is a story of emotional turmoil, lost love and extra marital affairs. America during the 1920s was a picture of extreme wealth, decadence and lavish spendings, owing to the great economic boom. During this time prohibitory laws on alcohol also gave rise to many bootleggers and criminals, creating lawlessness to a great extent. The novel covers this entire period with great details.

The essay may be written in the form of a descriptive essay where it can give a descriptive account of the entire story. It may be in the form of comparative essay where the writer will be asked to compare characters form the novel. It may also ask for a comparative account between this novel and some other famous novels written during the same time on the same theme. It may also be an opinion essay where the writer will be asked to present his opinions on a certain theme or an issue taken from the novel. The writer may also be asked to do a critical analysis on the novel.

Whatever the given assignment is the essay should be well organised and written logically with well placed examples and supporting evidences. The paper will showcase the writer’s writing skills and the capability to express well. The article must be written in such a manner that it shows that the theme has been well researched and well understood by the writer. Essays generally written for a term paper or research paper have the five paragraph format. It will have one introductory paragraph, three paragraphs for the body and one concluding paragraph. The introductory para will present the topic to the reader and give a brief summary of what the topic is all about. The body will discuss the topic in detail and will present supporting evidences to the main argument. All direct citations will have to be duly referenced to avoid charges of plagiarism.

Read various essay helps and sample essays on great Gatsby, to get an idea of the various ways in which this essay can be written. Check the narrative style and the use of language in these various essay guides. If you wish to place an order for a custom essay on this topic all you need to do is to place an order with

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